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Zekeria Ahmed SalemAssociate Professor 847.467.2143
620 Library Place, Room 204A
Safa Al-Saeedi Graduate Student SafaAl-Saeedi2016@u.northwestern.eduA
Karen J. AlterLady Board of Managers of the Colombian Exposition Professor of Political Science and Law847-491-4842
Scott Hall 318A
Ana ArjonaAssociate Professor847-467-4064
Scott Hall 237A
Rhiannon Auriemma Graduate Student rhiannonauriemma2019@u.northwestern.eduA
David Austen-SmithPeter G. Peterson Chair in Corporate Ethics, Professor of Managerial Economics & Decision Sciences, Director, Ford Motor Company Center for Global Citizenship, Kellogg School of Management847-467-3496
Jacobs Center 542A
Denzel Avant Graduate Student denzelavant2015@u.northwestern.eduA
Lauren M. Baker Graduate Student laurenbaker2023@u.northwestern.eduB
Miruna Barnoschi Graduate Student MirunaBarnoschi2020@u.northwestern.eduB
Rodrigo Barrenechea Graduate Student rbarrenechea@u.northwestern.eduB
Galya Ben-AriehProfessor of Instruction847-491-1084
Scott Hall 307B
Tabitha BonillaAssistant Professor, Institute for Policy Researchtabitha.bonilla@northwestern.eduScott Hall 230B
Mariana Borges Graduate Student MarianaBorges2011@u.northwestern.eduB
Sarah BouchatAssistant Professor847-467-2063
Scott Hall 305B
Eddine Bouyahi Graduate Student EddineBouyahi2020@u.northwestern.eduB
Malia Bowers Graduate Student MaliaBowers2015@u.northwestern.eduB
Tristan Bradshaw Graduate Student tristan.bradshaw@u.northwestern.eduB
Carol Moseley BraunVisiting Professor847-467-4785
Scott Hall 207B
Owen Brown Graduate Student OwenBrown2021@u.northwestern.eduB
Julia Brown Graduate Student JuliaBrown2013@u.northwestern.eduB
John BullockAssociate Professor 847-491-5088
Scott Hall 304B
Traci BurchAssociate Professor847-491-4848
Scott Hall 210B
Isabel Castillo Graduate Student IsabelCastillo2018@u.northwestern.eduC
Arturo Chang Graduate Student ArturoChang2021@u.northwestern.eduC
Timothy Charlebois Graduate Student TimothyCharlebois2022@u.northwestern.eduC
Shah Zeb Chaudhary Graduate Student shahchaudhary@u.northwestern.eduC
Anthony S. ChenAssociate Professor847-467-0515
1808 Chicago Ave, Room 105C
Jean ClippertonAssistant Professor of Instruction847-467-7443
Scott Hall 021C
Ricardo Galliano CourtSenior Lecturer & Assistant Dean for Academic Integritycourt@northwestern.edu1922 Sheridan Rd., Room 304C
Amanda D'Urso Graduate Student AmandaDUrso2021@u.northwestern.eduD
Tomash Dabrowski Graduate Student tomashdabrowski2019@u.northwestern.eduD
Andrew Day Graduate Student andrewday2019@u.northwestern.eduD
Shawn Dean Graduate Student ShawnDean2023@u.northwestern.eduD
Sarah DeesLuce Postdoctoral Fellow in Religion, Politics, and Global Affairs, and Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of Religious Studiessarah.dees@northwestern.eduScott Hall, Room 215D
Erin F. DelaneyAssistant Professor, School of Law312-503-0925
Levy Mayer 291, School of LawD
Nathan E. Dial Graduate Student NathanDial2021@u.northwestern.eduD
Sean Diament Graduate Student seandiament@u.northwestern.eduD
Mary G DietzJohn Evans Professorm-dietz@northwestern.eduScott Hall 303D
Horia Dijmarescu Graduate Student horiadijmarescu2020@u.northwestern.eduD
Christopher Dinkel Graduate Student ChristopherDinkel2021@u.northwestern.eduD
Jaime DominguezAssistant Professor of Instruction847-491-8916
1918 Sheridan Rd.D
James N. DruckmanPayson S. Wild Professor847-491-2646
Scott Hall 211 D
Loubna El AmineAssistant Professorloubna.elamine@northwestern.eduScott Hall 240E
Daniel Encinas Zevallos Graduate Student DanielEncinas2021@u.northwestern.eduE
Gozde Erdeniz Graduate Student gozde.erdeniz@u.northwestern.eduE
Ceyda Erten Graduate Student ceydaerten2020@u.northwestern.eduE
Muhammad Fajar Graduate Student MuhammadFajar2019@u.northwestern.eduF
James FarrProfessor847-491-2643
Scott Hall 102F
Lucien Ferguson Graduate Student LucienFerguson2021@u.northwestern.eduF
Joshua M. Freedman Graduate Student joshua.freedman@northwestern.eduF
William French Graduate Student WilliamFrench2022@u.northwestern.eduF
Dara Gaines Graduate Student DaraGaines2022@u.northwestern.eduG
Daniel J. GalvinAssociate Professor847-491-2641
Scott Hall 103G
Jordan Gans-MorseAssociate Professor847-467-1154
Scott Hall 203G
Laura Garcia Graduate Student lauragarcia2018@u.northwestern.eduG
Salih Emre Gercek Graduate Student gercek@u.northwestern.eduG
Edward L. GibsonProfessor and Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs, Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences847-491-2629
1918 Sheridan Rd.G
Gina Giliberti Graduate Student ginagiliberti2020@u.northwestern.eduG
Jerry GoldmanProfessor Emeritusjgoldman@oyez.orgG
Joseph Grant Graduate Student josephgrant2016@u.northwestern.eduG
Devora GrynspanVice President for International Relations; Director, International Program Development (Also Lecturer, Department of Political Science)847-467-6953
1800 Sherman, Suite 4-700G
Samuel 'S.R.' Gubitz Graduate Student SamuelGubitz2021@u.northwestern.eduG
Laurel Harbridge-YongAssociate Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies847-467-1147
Scott Hall 312AH
Kathryn Birks Harvey Graduate Student kbharvey@u.northwestern.eduH
Marina E. HenkeAssistant Professor847-467-4785
Scott Hall 236H
Adam Howat Graduate Student adamhowat2018@u.northwestern.eduH
Jesse R. Humpal Graduate Student jessehumpal2013@u.northwestern.eduH
Ian HurdProfessor847-491-4847
Scott Hall 306H
Elizabeth Shakman HurdProfessor847-467-5412
Scott Hall 209H
William HurstAssociate Professor847-467-4694
Scott Hall 312BH
Kenneth JandaProfessor Emeritusk-janda@northwestern.eduJ
Napon Jatusripitak Graduate Student NaponJatusripitak2021@u.northwestern.eduJ
Kyle Jones Graduate Student KyleJones2021@u.northwestern.eduJ
Benjamin F. JonesGordon and Llura Gund Family Professor of Entrepreneurship Professor of Strategy, Kellogg School of Management847-491-3177
Jacobs Center Room 609 J
Richard JosephProfessor Emeritusr-joseph@northwestern.eduJ
Nathalia Justo Graduate Student NathaliaJusto2015@u.northwestern.eduJ
Suji Kang Graduate Student sujikang@u.northwestern.eduK
Hye Yun Kang Graduate Student hyekang2016@u.northwestern.eduK
Morgan KaplanPostdoctoral Fellow at the Buffett Institute for Global Studiesmorgan.kaplan@northwestern.eduScott Hall 307K
Shai Karp Graduate Student shaikarp@u.northwestern.eduK
Cody KeenanVisiting Professorcodykeenan@northwestern.eduScott Hall 237K
Lamin Keita Graduate Student LaminKeita2021@u.northwestern.eduK
Alan J. Kellner Graduate Student alankellner2018@u.northwestern.eduK
Yoes C. Kenawas Graduate Student yoes.kenawas@northwestern.eduK
Robie Kholilourrahman Graduate Student robiekholilurrahman2018@u.northwestern.eduK
Rana B. Khoury Graduate Student rbkhoury@u.northwestern.eduK
Bo Won Kim Graduate Student BoWonKim2022@u.northwestern.eduK
Sasha Klyachkina Graduate Student klyachkina@u.northwestern.eduK
Andrew KoppelmanProfessor, School of Law312-503-8431
Daniel KrcmaricAssistant Professor847-491-4845
Scott Hall 317K
Christa Kuntzelman Graduate Student ChristaKuntzelman2022@u.northwestern.eduK
Yoonjeong (Irene) Kwon Graduate Student YoonjeongKwon2022@u.northwestern.eduK
Matthew Lacombe Graduate Student matthewlacombe2018@u.northwestern.eduL
Cristina LafontProfessor of Philosophy847-491-2550
Crowe 1-127L
Sean Lee Graduate Student SeanLee2011@u.northwestern.eduL
Charles Lenoir Graduate Student CharlesLenoir2017@u.northwestern.eduL
Elizabeth Linn Graduate Student bethlinngadimov2012@u.northwestern.eduL
Boris Litvin Graduate Student borislitvin2012@u.northwestern.eduL
Yuchen Liu Graduate Student yuchenliu2020@u.northwestern.eduL
Claudia Lopez-Hernandez Graduate Student claudialopezhernandez2015@u.northwestern.eduL
Michael LoriauxProfessor847-491-2632
Scott Hall 235L
Christina LoTempio Graduate Student christinalotempio2013@u.northwestern.eduL
James MahoneyGordon Fulcher Professor in Decision-Making847-491-2626
Scott Hall 402M
Pilar Manzi Graduate Student pilar.manzi@u.northwestern.eduM
Usdin L. Martínez Graduate Student usdinmartinez2024@u.northwestern.eduM
Sam McChesney Graduate Student SamuelMcchesney2023@u.northwestern.eduM
Mary McGrathAssistant Professor847-467-6414
Scott Hall 241M
Julie Lee MersethAssistant Professor847-467-0276
Scott Hall 314M
Rachel Davis MerseyAssociate Professor, Medill School of Journalism847-491-2196
MTC 3-125M
Gde Metera Graduate Student gde.metera@northwestern.eduM
Evgeniia Mikriukova Graduate Student evgeniiamikriukova2020@u.northwestern.eduM
Charles MillsJohn Evans Professor of Moral and Intellectual Philosophy847-491-2551
Crowe 1-121M
John MocekProgram Assistant847-491-5364
Scott Hall 2nd Floor Front DeskM
Sara MonosonProfessor847-467-2647
Scott Hall 239M
Stephen MonteiroFinancial Assistant847-467-1742
Scott Hall 216M
Ivonne Montes Diaz Graduate Student IvonneMontesDiaz2022@u.northwestern.eduM
Sarah Moore Graduate Student SarahMoore2022@u.northwestern.eduM
Quinn MulroyAssistant Professor, Human Development and Social Policyqmulroy@northwestern.edu2120 Campus Drive, Room 217M
Aulia Nastiti Graduate Student AuliaNastiti2017@u.northwestern.eduN
Alexandra Neame Graduate Student alexandraneame2014@u.northwestern.eduN
Matthew Nelsen Graduate Student matthewnelsen2021@u.northwestern.eduN
Stephen C. NelsonAssociate Professor847-491-2589
Scott Hall 238N
Audrey Nicolaides Graduate Student m7e8h9@u.northwestern.eduN
Shmulik NiliAssistant Professor847-467-6986
Scott Hall 020N
Salih Noor Graduate Student SalihNur2020@u.northwestern.eduN
Shaul Notkin Graduate Student shaulnotkin2018@u.northwestern.eduN
Thomas OgorzalekAssistant Professor847-467-4071
Scott Hall 404O
Ann Shola Orloff Professor of Sociology and Board of Lady Managers of the Columbian Exposition Chair(847) 491-3719
1808 Chicago Avenue, Room 201O
Benjamin I. PageGordon Scott Fulcher Professor of Decision Making847-491-2638
Scott Hall 308P
Wendy PearlmanAssociate Professor847-491-2259
Scott Hall 204P
Ayodeji Perrin Graduate Student ayodejiperrin2015@u.northwestern.eduP
David Peyton Graduate Student davidpeyton@u.northwestern.eduP
Michael Povilus Graduate Student MichaelPovilus2020@u.northwestern.eduP
Sabina Satriyani Puspita Graduate Student sabina.puspita@northwestern.eduP
Kumar Ramanathan Graduate Student kumar.ramanathan@u.northwestern.eduR
William RenoProfessor and Director of Graduate Studies847-491-5794
Scott Hall 106R
Jeff RiceSenior Lecturer847-491-8909
Scott Hall 313R
Muhammad Ridha Graduate Student MuhammadRidha2018@u.northwestern.eduR
Rachel Beatty RiedlAssociate Professor847-467-2291
Scott Hall 208R
Andrew RobertsAssociate Professor and Associate Chair847-491-2636
Scott Hall 205R
Reuel RogersAssociate Professor847-491-2644
Scott Hall 315R
Jacob Rothschild Graduate Student jacobrothschild2014@u.northwestern.eduR
Zhihang Ruan Graduate Student ZhihangRuan2021@u.northwestern.eduR
Jill RubinBusiness Administrator847-491-2653
Scott 244R
Jonathan Schulman Graduate Student jonathanschulman2023@u.northwestern.eduS
Jason SeawrightProfessor847-467-1148
Scott Hall 104S
Richard Shafranek Graduate Student richardshafranek2018@u.northwestern.eduS
Wangqing (Sandy) Shan Graduate Student WangqingShan2016@u.northwestern.eduS
Yixue Shao Graduate Student yixueshao2014@u.northwestern.eduS
Caroline de Lima e Silva Graduate Student carolinedelimaesilva2017@u.northwestern.eduS
Wesley G SkoganProfessor Emeritus (Also Legal Studies and the Institute for Policy Research)847-491-8731
IPR 625 HavenS
Warren Snead Graduate Student WarrenSnead2024@u.northwestern.eduS
Hendrik SpruytNorman Dwight Harris Professor of International Relations847-491-2648
Scott Hall 316S
Noah Stengl Graduate Student NoahStengl2023@u.northwestern.eduS
Jacqueline StevensProfessor847-467-2093
Scott Hall 09 (primary); Locy Hall, Room 300 (secondary)S
Pamela StrawUndergraduate Program S
Larry StuelpnagelAssociate Professor of Instruction847-491-3468
McCormick Tribune Center, 4-135 (1845 Sheridan Rd.)S
Kimberly Marion SuiseeyaAssistant Professor847-491-8985
Scott Hall 202S
Courtney SyskowskiGraduate Program Coordinator847-491-7452
Scott 217S
Andrew Thompson Graduate Student andrewthompson2020@u.northwestern.eduT
Chloe ThurstonAssistant Professor847-467-4067
Scott Hall 206T
Alvin Bernard Tillery, Jr. Associate Professor847-467-4697
Scott Hall 302T
M. Lena Trabucco Graduate Student MLenaTrabucco2019@u.northwestern.eduT
Dinara Urazova Graduate Student dinaraurazova2024@u.northwestern.eduU
Nicole WeygandtPostdoctoral Fellow at the Buffett Institute for Global Studiesnicole.weygandt@northwestern.edu1902 Sheridan Rd. Room 204W
Maximilian Weylandt Graduate Student mweylandt@u.northwestern.eduW
Brianna White Graduate Student BriannaWhite2020@u.northwestern.eduW
Jeffrey A. WintersDepartment Chair; Professor847-491-2630
Scott Hall 243 (Chair's Office); 403W
Andrene Wright Graduate Student AndreneWright2016@u.northwestern.eduW
Robin Xu Graduate Student O7R7L9@u.northwestern.eduX
Kimberly A. YurackoDean of Pritzker School of Law; Judd and Mary Morris Leighton Professor of Law(312) 503-3466
Reymundo Zambrano Graduate Student reymundo@u.northwestern.eduZ
Justin Zimmerman Graduate Student JustinZimmerman2022@u.northwestern.eduZ
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