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Ian Hurd


B.A.: Carleton University, 1994; Ph.D.: Yale University, 2000
Curriculum Vitae


Research Interest(s): International Relations, International Law, International Organizations, The United Nations, Research Methods, IR Theory, International Rule of Law

Program Area(s): Methods; Law and Politics; International Relations

Subfield Specialties: International Organizations and International Law; International Theory; Law and Politics

Joint Appointment

International Studies

Legal Studies


Ian Hurd has written extensively about the politics of international law and international institutions. His work has appeared in leading academic and public policy journals including International Organization, Foreign Affairs, International Politics, Global Governance, and Ethics & International Affairs. His book on the UN Security Council, After Anarchy: Legitimacy and Power in the UN Security Council (2007), won the Chadwick Alger Award from the International Studies Association and the Myres McDougal Prize from the Policy Sciences Society. His most recent book is International Organizations: Politics, Law, Practice, which appeared in a second edition in 2013. Hurd has been a visitor scholar at the Woodrow Wilson School at Princeton University, Sciences-Po in Paris, and the WZB Berlin Social Science Center, among other institutions, and is a frequent contributor to public debates on global affairs, foreign policy, and international law. His current work includes a book on the international rule of law, and he is a co-editor of the forthcoming Oxford Handbook of International Organizations.  Hurd also serves as the Director of NU's International Studies Program.


  • Ian Hurd, How to Do Things With International Law (Princeton University Press, 2017). ian-hurd-international-law.jpg
  • Ian Hurd, International Organizations: Politics, Law, Practice (Cambridge University Press, 2nd ed. 2013, 1st ed. 2011).
  • Ian Hurd, After Anarchy: Legitimacy and Power at the UN Security Council (Princeton University Press, 2007).
  • Bruce Cronin and Ian Hurd eds. The UN Security Council and the Politics of International Authority (Routledge, 2008). 
  • Jacob Katz Cogan, Ian Hurd, and Ian Johnstone eds. The Oxford Handbook of International Organizations (Oxford University Press, forthcoming 2015).

Select Publications 

  • Ian Hurd, with Mara Pillinger and Michael Barnett “How to Get Away with Cholera: The UN, Haiti, and International Law,” Perspectives on Politics, March 2016.
  • Ian Hurd, “Enchanted and Disenchanted International Law,” Global Policy, 2015.
  • Ian Hurd, “Permissive Law on the International Use of Force,” American Society of International Law Proceedings, 2015.
  • Ian Hurd, “The International Rule of Law and the Domestic Analogy,” Global Constitutionalism 4, no.3 2015: 365-395.
  • Ian Hurd, “The UN Security Council and the International Rule of Law,” Chinese Journal of International Politics, 2014. Appeared in Chinese in Zhejiang University Journal, 2013.
  • Ian Hurd, “The International Rule of Law: Law as the Limit of Politics,” Ethics and International Affairs, 2014.
  • Ian Hurd, “Almost Saving Whales: The Ambiguity of Success at the International Whaling Commission,” Ethics and International Affairs, 2012.
  • Ian Hurd, “Choices and Methods in the Study of International Organizations,” Journal of International Organization Studies, 2011, v.2, n.2.
  • Ian Hurd, “Law and the Practice of Diplomacy,” International Journal, 2011, v.66, n.3.
  • Ian Hurd, “Is Humanitarian Intervention Legal?  The Rule of Law in an Incoherent World," Ethics and International Affairs, 2011, v.25, n.3. Reprinted in Karen A. Mingst and Jack L. Snyder, Essential Readings in World Politics 5th ed. Norton, 2014; and in James Pattison, ed. Humanitarian Intervention, Sage, 2013.
  • Ian Hurd, “Myths of Membership: The Politics of Legitimation in UN Security Council Reform,” Global Governance, 2008, v.14, n.2.
  • Ian Hurd, “Breaking and Making Norms: American Revisionism and Crises of Legitimacy,” International Politics, 2007, v.44:194-213.

Courses Taught

  • ‘Introduction to International Relations’ (Poli.Sci 240)
  • ‘International Relations Theory’ (Poli.Sci. 340)
  • ‘International Organizations’ (Poli.Sci. 342)
  • ‘Methods of Political Inquiry’ (Poli.Sci. 408)
  • ‘International Relations’ (Poli.Sci. 440)
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