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Farrell Fellowship

About the Farrell Fellowship Program

In 2014, the Department of Political Science launched the elite Farrell Fellowship program in honor of former political science professor R. Barry Farrell. Over 60 students and 30 faculty have participated thus far.

Purpose: The program offers Political Science majors the opportunity to work with professors on their research. It provides faculty members with paid research assistants, called “Farrell Fellows”, and enables students to learn about the process of conducting academic research from their faculty mentors. 

Benefits: Farrell Fellows do not receive academic credit for participating, but are instead paid an hourly wage of $15 (pay rate is effective for 2018-19 fellows).  Fellows may work a maximum of 10 hrs/wk during the academic year and 40 hrs/wk during the summer. The selection process is not need-based and is not connected to the federal Work Study program. The program may also fund other expenses that support the research, such as travel to research venues, conference fees, research materials, and provide a small stipend to help offset summer housing costs.

Students must apply, interview and be selected by a faculty member to participate in the program. Visit the application page to learn more about the application process, current faculty projects and to download the application.

Our Premiere Research Opportunity

Critical Skill Development

Julian Gerez, ’17 presented key tips and habits for a successful experience to incoming Farrell Fellows. For his work with Professor Marina Henke, Julian was acknowledged in her publication, Has UN Peacekeeping Become More Deadly? Analyzing Trends in UN Fatalities. 

Julian Gerez's experience illustrates how the Farrell Fellowship program builds valuable, professional skills that translate into multiple career paths. Other Weinberg alumni discuss ways their liberal arts education translated to a diverse career path through Weinberg’s Student-Alumni Engagement Program.

Below outlines Julian's recommendations for a successful fellowship.  

Key Tips and Advice for s successful Farrell Fellowship

Julian also outlined how the Farrell Fellowship benefitted his skillset and resume, all applicable to employment, graduate school, law school, etc.:

Key tips for FF part 2


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