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Undergraduate and especially graduate courses in the political science department offer a variety of research opportunities. Students are also encouraged to find chances to participate in research by getting to know faculty members and discussing potential projects of mutual interest. The department also offers programs and funding to support independent research projects for students at all levels.

Learn more about student research in our department:

What Do You Bookmark?

Looking to add some new websites or podcasts to your media rotation? Want to stay up-to-date in your research field, or branch out? Check out where our faculty go to get news they can use.

Professor Elizabeth Shakman Hurd

Research Interests:International Relations; Religion and Politics; Politics of Secularism; Law and Religion; Us Foreign Relations; Politics of the Middle East; Methods in the Study of Religion and Politics; Contemporary Religion

LRB blog: Great for short pieces off the beaten path, not driven by headlines but still current-event related.

The Immanent Frame blog: Top online forum in my field; fabulous current series on indigeneity and secularity right now.

The Revealer: Online review of religion and media with a global/transnational focus, terrific source of accessible high quality writing on religion, politics and public life. Nice graphics too.

Asst. Professor Jean Clipperton

Research Interests: European Union; Comparative Law; Comparative Politics; Methods

Marginal Revolution Blog: It offers a little bit of everything—it’s done by an economist, Tyler Cowan, and has discussion of current events (like health care spending) and just generally interesting analysis and links to articles from around the web. The link-roundups are a way to get current on a number of topics quickly and there’s a variety of topics, including ‘what I’ve been reading’.

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