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Annual 2019-20 Class Schedule

Course #Course TitleFallWinterSpring
POLI_SCI 101-6-20 #WithRefugees: Politics and Narratives of Migration, Asylum & RefugeFirst-Year SeminarGalya Ben Arieh (Ruffer)
POLI_SCI 101-6-21 Plato’s Road to ResilienceFirst-Year SeminarSara Monoson
POLI_SCI 101-6-21 Sports, Politics & Public OpinionFirst-Year SeminarJames Druckman
POLI_SCI 101-6-21 Syria: politics, society, and culture in revolutionFirst-Year SeminarKevin Mazur
POLI_SCI 101-6-22 Body PoliticsFirst-Year SeminarMalia Bowers
POLI_SCI 101-6-22 Data EthicsFirst-Year SeminarSara Monoson
POLI_SCI 101-6-22 Press and the Political ProcessFirst-Year SeminarLawrence Stuelpnagel
POLI_SCI 101-6-23 Alts, Populists, Neos, and Billionaires: Right Politics Worldwide in the 21st CenturyFirst-Year SeminarJason Seawright
POLI_SCI 101-6-23 Insurgency and Nation-Building in the Age of RevolutionFirst-Year SeminarArturo Chang
POLI_SCI 101-6-24 Political ControversyFirst-Year SeminarRicardo Court
POLI_SCI 101-6-25 The American Way of WarFirst-Year SeminarWilliam Reno
POLI_SCI 201-0-20Introduction to Political TheoryLoubna El AmineJackie Stevens
POLI_SCI 210-0-20Introduction to Empirical Methods in Political Science Jason SeawrightSarah BouchatJean Clipperton
POLI_SCI 211-0-20Introduction to Interpretive Methods in Political ScienceIan Hurd
POLI_SCI 220-0-20American Government and Politics Thomas OgorzalekMary McGrathAlvin Tillery
POLI_SCI 230-0-20Introduction to Law in the Political Arena Traci Burch
POLI_SCI 240-0-20Introduction to International Relations Hendrik SpruytMichael Loriaux
POLI_SCI 250-0-20Introduction to Comparative PoliticsAndrew RobertsKevin Mazur
POLI_SCI 301-0-20Classical Political TheorySara Monoson
POLI_SCI 304-0-20Human Rights Between East and WestLoubna El Amine
POLI_SCI 306-0-60American Political ThoughtAlvin Tillery
POLI_SCI 307-0-20Deportation Law and Politics Jackie Stevens
POLI_SCI 308-0-20Critical Theory and the Study of PoliticsMichael Loriaux
POLI_SCI 309-0-20Political Theories of the Rule of LawJacqueline Stevens
POLI_SCI 312-0-20Statistical Research MethodsJason Seawright
POLI_SCI 320-0-20The American PresidencyDaniel Galvin
POLI_SCI 321-0-20Urban PoliticsReuel Rogers
POLI_SCI 322-0-20Ideas and Institutions in Urban PoliticsThomas Ogorzalek
POLI_SCI 325-0-20Congress and the Legislative ProcessLaurel Yong
POLI_SCI 326-0-20Political Parties and ElectionsTraci Burch
POLI_SCI 327-0-20African American PoliticsReuel Rogers
POLI_SCI 330-0-20U.S. Refugee Policy & LocalitiesGalya Ben Arieh (Ruffer)
POLI_SCI 331-0-20Politics of the Supreme CourtGalya Ben Arieh (Ruffer)
POLI_SCI 332-0-20Constitutional Law IGalya Ben Arieh (Ruffer)
POLI_SCI 333-0-20Constitutional Law II: Civil and Political RightsJoanna Grisinger
POLI_SCI 334-0-20Latino PoliticsJaime Dominguez
POLI_SCI 336-0-1Immigration Politics and PolicyJulie Lee Merseth
POLI_SCI 341-0-20International Political EconomyStephen Nelson
POLI_SCI 343-0-20Politics of International LawKaren Alter-Hanson
POLI_SCI 344-0-20U.S. Foreign PolicyJeff Rice
POLI_SCI 345-0-20National SecurityJeff Rice
POLI_SCI 348-0-20GlobalizationNicole Weygandt
POLI_SCI 351-0-20Politics of the Middle EastWendy Pearlman
POLI_SCI 352-0-20Global DevelopmentJames Mahoney
POLI_SCI 353-0-20Politics of Latin AmericaLaura Garcia
POLI_SCI 356-0-20Constitutional Challenges in Comparative PerspectiveGalya Ben Arieh (Ruffer)
POLI_SCI 359-0-20Politics of AfricaAhmed Salem
POLI_SCI 362-0-20Politics of EuropeAndrew Roberts
POLI_SCI 368-0-20Political Economy of DevelopmentWilliam Hurst
POLI_SCI 369-0-20Politics of Post-Soviet RussiaJordan Gans-Morse
POLI_SCI 373-0-20Chinese Foreign PolicyWilliam Hurst
POLI_SCI 374-0-20Politics of CapitalismJeff Rice
POLI_SCI 376-0-20Civil WarsHendrik Spruyt
POLI_SCI 377-0-20Drugs and PoliticsAna Arjona
POLI_SCI 378-0-20America and the WorldJeff Rice
POLI_SCI 380-0-20Refugee Crises and Human RightsGalya Ben Arieh (Ruffer)
POLI_SCI 383-0-20War and Change in International PoliticsHendrik Spruyt
POLI_SCI 388-0-20Institutions and SocietyJean Clipperton
POLI_SCI 389-0-20Understanding GenocideJeff Rice
POLI_SCI 390-0-21 Politics of Nationalism and EthnicitySpecial Topics in Political ScienceKevin Mazur
POLI_SCI 390-0-22 Socrates in the VernacularSpecial Topics in Political ScienceSara Monoson
POLI_SCI 390-0-24 MulticulturalismSpecial Topics in Political ScienceLoubna El Amine
POLI_SCI 390-0-25 Bad NewsSpecial Topics in Political ScienceLawrence Stuelpnagel
POLI_SCI 390-0-25 Racial and Ethnic PoliticsSpecial Topics in Political ScienceJulie Lee Merseth
POLI_SCI 390-0-26 Integrity and the Politics of CorruptionSpecial Topics in Political ScienceShmuel Nili
POLI_SCI 390-0-31 The Press & Presidential ElectionsSpecial Topics in Political ScienceLawrence Stuelpnagel
POLI_SCI 394-LK-20Professional Linkage Program: SpeechwritingCody Keenan
POLI_SCI 395-0-20 Oligarchs and ElitesPolitical Research SeminarJeffrey Winters
POLI_SCI 395-0-20 Politics of CorruptionPolitical Research SeminarJordan Gans-Morse
POLI_SCI 395-0-20 U.S. Party DevelopmentPolitical Research SeminarDaniel Galvin
POLI_SCI 395-0-21 Biography and PoliticsPolitical Research SeminarAndrew Roberts
POLI_SCI 395-0-21 Military InterventionsPolitical Research SeminarJeff Rice
POLI_SCI 395-0-21 The Israeli-Palestinian ConflictPolitical Research SeminarWendy Pearlman
POLI_SCI 395-0-22 Utopia/DystopiaPolitical Research SeminarJames Farr
POLI_SCI 395-0-22 Wealth and Power in AmericaPolitical Research SeminarBenjamin Page
POLI_SCI 395-0-23 Civilians in WarPolitical Research SeminarAna Arjona
POLI_SCI 395-0-23 Race, Place, and Space in Democratic PoliticsPolitical Research SeminarThomas Ogorzalek
POLI_SCI 395-0-24 Racial Politics in American CitiesPolitical Research SeminarReuel Rogers
POLI_SCI 395-0-25 Black Political ThoughtPolitical Research SeminarAlvin Tillery
POLI_SCI 398-1-20Senior Thesis SeminarStephen Nelson
POLI_SCI 398-2-20Senior Thesis SeminarStephen Nelson
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