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Annual 2019-20 Class Schedule

Course #Course TitleFallWinterSpring
POLI_SCI 403-0-20Introduction to Probability and StatisticsClipperton
POLI_SCI 405-0-20Linear ModelsMary McGrath
POLI_SCI 406-0-20Quantitative Causal InferenceJason Seawright
POLI_SCI 407-0-20Experimental Political ScienceDruckman
POLI_SCI 410-0-20American Political Institutions and BehaviorTillery
POLI_SCI 413-0-20Theories of Political BehaviorMary McGrath
POLI_SCI 419-0-20American Political DevelopmentDaniel Galvin
POLI_SCI 440-0-20International Relations TheoryIan Hurd
POLI_SCI 441-0-20International Political EconomyNelson
POLI_SCI 450-0-20Contemporary Theory and Research in Comparative PoliticsWinters
POLI_SCI 454-0-20Social Movements and MobilizationWendy Pearlman
POLI_SCI 460-0-20Comparative Politics Proseminar IIWilliam Reno
POLI_SCI 471-0-20Game Theory: Math Models of Individual Political BehaviorSarah Bouchat
POLI_SCI 483-0-20American Political Behavior Graduate WorkshopDruckman
POLI_SCI 490-0-20 Political Theories of MembershipSpecial TopicsStevens
POLI_SCI 490-0-20 Race and Political BehaviorSpecial TopicsReuel Rogers
POLI_SCI 490-0-21 Interpretation of Texts: MachiavelliSpecial TopicsMary Dietz
POLI_SCI 490-0-21 Methods in Analytical Political TheorySpecial TopicsNili
POLI_SCI 490-0-21 Political Power in the United StatesSpecial TopicsBenjamin Page
POLI_SCI 490-0-22 Chinese PoliticsSpecial TopicsWilliam Hurst
POLI_SCI 490-0-22 Global Capitalism and LawSpecial TopicsKaren Alter-Hanson
POLI_SCI 490-0-22 Informal Institutions: Institutionalism for Developing CountriesSpecial TopicsGans-Morse
POLI_SCI 490-0-23 Machine Learning and Text as DataSpecial TopicsSarah Bouchat
POLI_SCI 490-0-23 The Problem(s) of cultureSpecial TopicsLoubna El Amine
POLI_SCI 490-0-24 Comparative MethodsSpecial TopicsJames Farr
POLI_SCI 490-0-24 Nation Building and State Formation after WWIISpecial TopicsSpruyt
POLI_SCI 490-0-25 Set-Theoretic MethodsSpecial TopicsJames Mahoney
POLI_SCI 519-0-20Responsible Conduct of Research TrainingJean Clipperton
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