International Relations

Our courses engage the central topics of the field. We have particular strengths in the politics of international law, state formation and change, religion and politics, critical theory, and the role of international institutions in the global economy, violent conflict and conflict resolution.

Training in International Relations

Students pursuing international relations as a first or second field are expected to take International Relations Theory (PS 440) and at least three of the following courses in partial preparation for the comprehensive exam:

  • International Political Economy
  • International Security
  • International Organization
  • International Law and International Politics
  • Critical Studies in World Politics

Students pursuing international relations as their primary field must take at least three additional courses from international relations faculty. Students pursuing international relations as a secondary field must take at least one additional course from international relations faculty.

Comprehensive Exams in International Relations

Students should meet with the Field Chair at the beginning of their exam preparations.  Exam takers are required to submit one exam question, which may or may not appear on the exam in some form.

International relations faculty and students are active in

Faculty and Graduate Students