Affiliated Faculty

Larissa Atkison | Visiting Postdoctoral Fellow

David Austen-Smith | Peter G. Peterson Chair in Corporate Ethics, Professor of Managerial Economics & Decision Sciences, Director, Ford Motor Company Center for Global Citizenship, Kellogg School of Management

David Austen-Smith
  • Research Interest(s):  Ethics; political economy/design; voting systems
  • Phone: 847-467-3496
  • Office Location: Jacobs Center 542
  • E-mail:

Tabitha Bonilla | Research Assistant Professor, Institute for Policy Research

Tabitha Bonilla

Robert Braun | Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology

Robert Braun
  • Research Interest(s):  Altruism and Social Solidarity; Historical Sociology; Peace, War, and Social Conflict; Political Sociology; Sociology of Religion; Social Movements and Collective Behavior
  • Office Location: 1808 Chicago Avenue, Room 103
  • Office Hours: By appointment only
  • E-mail:

Carol Moseley Braun | Visiting Professor of Political Science

Carol Moseley Braun
  • Research Interest(s):  US Political and Military History; Change and the Dynamic of Power in the US; the role of Diversity, Race and Gender intersectionality in shaping public policy
  • Program Area(s):  American Politics; Methods
  • Regional Specialization(s):  United States
  • Department Strength(s):  Political Parties; Race, Ethnicity and Politics; International Organizations and International Law; Law and Politics; Feminist and Gender Studies; American Political Development
  • Phone: 847-467-4785
  • Office Location: Scott Hall 207
  • Office Hours: Tu 2:00-3:00
  • E-mail:

Sarah Dees | Luce Postdoctoral Fellow in Religion, Politics, and Global Affairs, and Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of Religious Studies

Sarah Dees
  • Research Interest(s):  American religion and politics, colonial governance, U.S. Indian policy
  • Program Area(s):  American Politics
  • Regional Specialization(s):  United States
  • Office Location: Scott Hall, Room 215
  • E-mail:

Erin F. Delaney | Assistant Professor, School of Law

Erin F. Delaney
  • Research Interest(s):  Constitutional design, U.S. constitutional law, and comparative constitutional law with particular attention to the role of courts in multi-level governance systems; Europe
  • Program Area(s):  Law and Politics
  • Regional Specialization(s):  United States
  • Phone: 312-503-0925
  • Office Location: Levy Mayer 291, School of Law
  • E-mail:

Hanzhong Deng | Visiting Scholar

  • Regional Specialization(s):  Asia

Amanda Gouws | Visiting Scholar

Devora Grynspan | Vice President for International Relations; Director, International Program Development (Also Lecturer, Department of Political Science)

Devora Grynspan
  • Research Interest(s):  International Political Economy, Latin American Politics; Europe; Middle East
  • Program Area(s):  International Relations; Comparative Politics
  • Regional Specialization(s):  Latin America
  • Phone: 847-467-6953
  • Office Location: 1800 Sherman, Suite 4-700
  • E-mail:

Vlastimil Havlik | Visiting Fulbright Scholar

  • Office Location: Scott Hall, Room 219

Benjamin F. Jones | Gordon and Llura Gund Family Professor of Entrepreneurship Professor of Strategy, Kellogg School of Management

Benjamin F. Jones

Huseyin Levent Koker | Research Associate, The Roberta Buffett Institute for Global Studies

Huseyin Levent Koker

Andrew Koppelman | Professor, School of Law

Andrew Koppelman

Cristina Lafont | Professor of Philosophy

Cristina Lafont
  • Research Interest(s):  Normative questions in political philosophy concerning democracy and citizen participation, global governance, human rights, religion and politics
  • Program Area(s):  Political Theory
  • Phone: 847-491-2550
  • Office Location: Crowe 1-127
  • E-mail:

Rachel Davis Mersey | Associate Professor, Medill School of Journalism

Rachel Davis Mersey

Charles Mills | John Evans Professor of Moral and Intellectual Philosophy

Charles Mills
  • Research Interest(s):  Social and political philosophy, particularly in oppositional political theory as centered on class, gender, and race
  • Program Area(s):  Political Theory
  • Phone: 847-491-2551
  • Office Location: Crowe 1-121
  • E-mail:

Quinn Mulroy | Assistant Professor, Human Development and Social Policy

Quinn Mulroy

Ann Shola Orloff | Professor of Sociology and? Board of Lady Managers of the Columbian Exposition Chair

Ann Shola Orloff

John E. Rielly | President Emeritus, Chicago Council on Global Affairs

Kimberly A. Yuracko | Judd and Mary Morris Leighton Professor of Law

Kimberly A. Yuracko