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Internationally renowned Professor & Weinberg Assoc. Dean Edward Gibson discusses his research on authoritarianism within democratic states

"Authoritarianism and Democracy."

Assoc. Professor Laurel Harbridge Yong discusses bipartisan support for climate legislation in Congress with Climate Central

'A GOP Congressman Is Forging Ahead on Climate Action."

Julia Clark-Riddell (Political Science & Sociology '17) wins the 2017 William Henry Exum Award

Clark-Riddell's award-winning paper is entitled, "From Palestine to Ferguson? The Successes and Failures of the Analogy Comparing the Movement for Racial Justice in America with the Movement for Palestinian Liberation."

Assoc. Professor Laurel Harbridge Yong was interviewed by Opensecrets.org about early midterm election fundraising

"Next election still 18 months away, but it’s never too early to collect cash from colleagues."

Asst. Professor Tom Ogorzalek in The Washington Post's 'Monkey Cage': Outlining the research behind the mid-century revival of Confederate symbols

"The Confederate flag largely disappeared after the Civil War. The fight against civil rights brought it back."


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