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This spring break, NU sends 23 political science and economics majors to Japan in the Japanese Foreign Ministry’s “Kakehashi Project"

In this people-to-people exchange program, Professor Monoson accompanies them. See them on Facebook using #NU2017Kakehashi and #kakehashi2016.

Professor Jacqueline Stevens is interviewed on NPR's 'The Takeaway'

"Exploring The Shadow World of ICE Prisons."

Professor Karen Alter cited in the Christian Science Monitor on the European Court of Justice's ruling that employers may ban religious clothing under certain conditions

"EU rules on headscarves at work: pragmatic call, or an open door for the right?"

Assoc. Professor Dan Galvin writes for the LSE US Centre's daily blog on American Politics and Policy

"Wage theft is widespread, but politics and policies can play a powerful role in reducing it."

WBEZ interviews Democracy and Insecurity in Africa panel participants, including Professor Richard Joseph

Ambassador John Campbell & Professor Wale Adebanwi: "The State Of Nigerian Democracy."

Palmer House Hilton, The Spire Parlor, 6:45pm to 8:45pm