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Congratulations to Assoc. Professor Daniel Galvin on receiving a Presidential Authority Award from The Russell Sage Foundation

Dr. Galvin's project "The Changing Nature of Workers' Rights" will focus on the changing nature of workers' rights in the U.S. over the last several decades.

Ph.D. Candidate Rana Khoury has a recent essay that has been published in 'Middle East Law and Governance'

"Aiding Activism? Humanitarianism’s Impacts on Mobilized Syrian Refugees in Jordan"

Ph.D. Candidates Jacob Rothschild & Richard Shafrenek co-authored an article in which they review contemporary research at the intersection of political communication and foreign policy

"Advances and Opportunities in the Study of Political Communication, Foreign Policy, and Public Opinion"

Assoc. Professor Zekeria Ahmed Salem book was reviewed by the New York Review of Books

The Last Slaves in Mauritania: Prêcher dans le désert: Islam politique et changement social en Mauritanie [Preaching in the Desert: Political Islam and Social Change in Mauritania]

Ph.D. Candidate Franky Matisek and Ian Bertram's essay received honorable mention in The Bridge's first writing competition on the topic of strategy

"The Death of American Conventional Warfare: It’s the Political Willpower, Stupid"


Comparative Politics Workshop

Friday, December 1, 12:00 PM
Daniel Gingerich, University of Virginia, "Ballot Reform as Suffrage Restriction: Evidence from Brazil’s Second Republic."