News & Events

Mauro Gilli wins WCAS "Outstanding Graduate Student Teaching Award"

This is a major recognition by the College of Mauro's teaching contributions, and one bestowed on a very small proportion of the College's Graduate Teaching Assistants.

Prof. Alvin Tillery discusses the US Presidential race with Steve Kornacki

The Roll of Bill Clinton in Hillary's Campaign

Nine hours inside Guantanamo: Faculty, students stage public reading

Public Reading of Mohamedou Ould Slahi's Guantanamo Diary

Title: "If Repression Makes Protests Grow, Why do Governments Repress?" Light lunch will be served.
Title: "ISIL: Terrorists, Rebel Army, or De Facto State? The Challenge of Violent Non-State Actors." - Reception to follow.
Title: Who determines whether a scholar is noteworthy? Lunch will be served.