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Feature: Ted & Cora Ginsberg Research Grant

The Ted and Cora Ginsberg Fund generously supports a range of activities in the Political Science Department that foster original undergraduate research in consultation or collaboration with our faculty.

Ginsberg Fund Supports: 

To learn more about the Ginberg Research Grant and how to apply, visit the Research Opportunities page.

2018 Featured Projects:


YiChun Chen

History & Sociology '20

Archival Research at UCLA on Workers’ Activism in Chinese Pro-Democracy Movements
Advisor: Dr. William Hurst

• Conducted research at UCLA’s China Democracy Movement and Tiananmen Incident Archives, examining published biographies and memoirs from student activists, government figures, protester pamphlets, and other primary documents to understand worker mobilization.


Nicole Kempis

Comparative Literature & Political Science '18

The Effect of Religious Observance on Senegalese Politics and Civic Education
Advisor: Dr. Rachel Riedl

• Coordinated RCTs and interviews in Dakar, Senegal to observe the political engagement of various religious denominations within the pluralist religious environment determine the extent to which political engagement may differ across varied religious communities.


Lauryn Schmelzer

Dance & Political Science '18

Ethnographic Approaches to Environmentalism at the Congress of the International Society of Ethnobiology in Belem, Brazil
Advisor: Dr. Kimberly Marion Suiseeya

• Employed multimedia, autoethnographic techniques to analyze how indigenous knowledge is represented in influential debates and whether inclusion in environmental policy process secures or diminishes indigenous authority.


Alexander Smith

Political Science '18

Freedom Gates: President Jimmy Carter’s Impact on African Development Policy
Advisor: Dr. Richard Joseph

• Used a variety of materials to construct an untold narrative on the critical but understudied role the Carter Center played in ending the Liberian civil war and in the conduct of democratic elections.






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