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Farrell Fellowship Application

We are no longer accepting applications for the 2018-2019 Farrell Fellowship. 2019-2020 applications will be opened in Winter Quarter 2019.

Application process

Faculty research projects are announced in March. Students may apply for up to two faculty projects. Applications are due in April (exact date announced annually) though we recommend applying as soon as possible as faculty may, and often do, hire students before the application deadline. 

Interested students should review the available faculty projects, above, and submit an online application. Only Political Science majors are eligible to participate in the Farrell Fellowship program. More information is below and on our website.

Detailed information on each faculty projects is provided on the PDF's below. Students should review the project(s) they are interested in applying to closely before submitting their application.

Overview of the 2018-2019 faculty project titles and participating quarters


All faculty projects are outlined here with scope of the project. 

Questions? Please contact Pamela Straw, Undergraduate Program Assistant.


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