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Career Paths

Political science provides a broad liberal arts education while focusing on politics and public life. We highlight a few key alumni to further demonstrate the diversity of career paths.  Recruiters and advisors know the value of a political science education—with its many skills of analysis and organization—in preparing students for a well-rounded life after graduation, whatever the particular career choice. The most popular paths are:

Political science majors are student-citizens with the means to better understand and engage politics and public life. Student government, fraternities, sororities, and other organizations are frequently led or energized by political science majors. For all these reasons, students new to Northwestern might wish to join the over 500 classmates who now major in political science.


Northwestern graduates have been inordinately successful in these careers, and many others. Students can network with alumni and learn how their liberal arts education can translate to a successful career after they graduate through Weinberg’s Student-Alumni Engagement Program. Through strong relationships and the use of the alumni database, Our Northwestern, our alumni provide critical professional insights to our current students.  Many students major in political science because of career options.

Northwestern Career Advancement highlights each Weinberg major, skills gained from the major, and industries that students pursue. Looking for a job or internship? Or just interested in knowing what’s out there?  Northwestern Career Advancement’s website has instructions to set up personalized searches for internships, job postings and other opportunities in CareerCat.

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