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Study Abroad

Earning Major/Minor Credit Abroad

Research the course descriptions of the classes you plan to take abroad so your adviser can consult them and ensure the classes correspond to major/minor requirements at Northwestern.

Before You Choose a Program

The Political Science Department cannot give prior approval or credit for courses that students plan to take during their study abroad. But advisers can give students guidance on whether study abroad courses appear to correspond with major/minor requirements.

Helpful Tip: Courses taught in Political Science departments or by trained political scientists tend to be more successfully approved for credit. Courses like “Politics of Spain” or “the Political Economy of South Africa” are usually counted as 300-level credit in Political Science.

*If you started Northwestern before Fall 2014, a maximum of three “related” courses will be counted for students following the pre-2014 major requirements.

After Completing Your Study Abroad Program

You will need to meet with the Director of Undergraduate Studies to gain credit approval for your study abroad courses. Bring the following:

If you lack hard-copy records of the courses you took abroad, you cannot receive Political Science credit for those courses.

Northwestern Study Abroad Programs

 All courses taken in these programs can be counted towards the major and minor and they do not require a Petition for Credit from Study Abroad. This exception applies only to study abroad programs run directly by Northwestern, including the European Union Studies Program in Paris.

Do you have questions or want additional information?

Department Contact:

Professor Laurel Harbridge Yong,
Director of Undergraduate Studies 
Scott Hall Room 312A

 University Contact:

Northwestern University Study Abroad Office
630 Dartmouth Place, 2nd Floor
Evanston, IL 60208
Phone: (847) 467-6400

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