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Yoonjeong (Irene) Kwon

Program Area(s):  International Relations

Regional Specialization(s):  Asia

My research interests concern international political economy, public opinion, and methodology. I am especially interested in analyzing the outcomes of global economic integration, specifically in terms of the influences between public opinion and policies. My interests concentrate on exploring how the contexts in international politics/economy and public opinion mutually influence each other; and how individual perceptions of the surrounding socio-economy are reconstructed to shape political behavior, public opinion and policies. Substantive topics of interests include international resource (re)allocation through the forms of foreign direct investment (FDI), foreign aid, and immigration.

As such, I am also working on research methods for micro-level analysis of public opinion and macro-level analysis of general ‘policy mood’, and political-economic phenomena such as financial and commodity in- and outflows.


  • 2017. “Competition for Party Nomination in the 90s: How Do Factions and Personal Ties Matter in Korean Politics?” The Journal of Northeast Asian History, Vol 14, No. 1, 87-108 (with Dong-Hun Kim & Sangshin Lee).
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