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Salih Noor

Program Area(s):  Comparative Politics; Methods

Regional Specialization(s):  Africa; Middle East

Dissertation Title:

The Legacies of Liberation: Critical Junstures and Regime Development in Post-liberation Africa [working title]

Research Interests: comparative political development, comparative democratization, the political economy of development; comparative-historical analysis, research methods; African and Middle Eastern politics


Peer Reviewed:

  • 2016, "Third Wave Democratization in Post-Cold War Africa: The Rise of Illiberal Democracy in Comparative Perspective," CEU Political Science Journal 10(1-2): 51-83.
  • 2015, "From SAPs to PRSPs: The Annals of Neoliberal Ideological Dogmatism in Governance and Development Policy," Critique 2015(Fall): 68-104.
  • 2015, "A Squandered Potential for Development in Post-liberation Eritrea: A Review Essay", Africa Spectrum 1/2015: 99-103.

Book Chapters:

  • 2011, "Community Organizing to End Displacement in Eritrea: A Narrative of Community and Institutional Resilience," In Global Grassroots: perspectives on International Organizing, Wade Rathke, ed., 81-92

Reports/working papers:

  • 2016, Free Access to Information and a Vibrant Civil Society as Cornerstones for Sustainable Development: Historical Development and Current Trends (with Frida Andersson), Thematic Report, SERIES 2016:3, The Varieties of Demcoracy Institute. 

Book reviews:

  • Forthcoming, Democracy in Africa: Successes, Failures, and the Struggle for Political Reform, by Nic Cheeseman (2015).
  • 2015, Democratic trajectories in Africa: Unraveling the impact of foreign aid, edited by Danielle Resnick and Nicolas van de Walle (2013), African Affairs 0/0: 1–2.
  • 2015, The African Garrison State: Human Rights and Political Development in Eritrea, by Kjetil Tronvoll and Daniel R. Mekonnen (2014), African Studies Quarterly 15 (2): 136-138.


  • Summer Methods Grant (2018)
  • Hans Panofsky Research Award (2017)
  • Buffet Institute Dissertation Research Travel Award (2017)
  • International Summer Institute Summer Fellowship (2016)
  • Oscar Ekman Foundation Travel Grant (2016)
  • Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst Scholarships for Public Policy and Good Governance, DAAD/PPGG (2010, 2011)
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