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Rodrigo Barrenechea

Program Area(s):  Methods; Comparative Politics

Regional Specialization(s):  Latin America

Dissertation Title:

Varieties of Populism: The Latin American Experience

Dissertation Committee:  James Mahoney, Edward Gibson, Jason Seawright, Steve Levitsky (Harvard University)

Interest(s): Populism; Political Representation; Latin America


  • Barrenechea, Rodrigo and Castillo, Isabel. “The Many Roads to Rome. Family Resemblance Concepts in the Social Sciences.” In Quality and Quantity International Journal of Methods.
  • Barrenechea, Rodrigo, Edward L. Gibson, and Larkin Terrie. 2016. “Historical Institutionalism and Democratization Studies.” The Oxford Handbook of Historical Institutionalism, edited by Fioretos, Orfeo, Tulia G. Falleti, and Adam Sheingate. 2016. Oxford University Press.
  • Barrenechea, Rodrigo, and James Mahoney. 2017. “A Set-Theoretic Approach to Bayesian Process Tracing.” Sociological Methods & Research.
  • Castillo, Isabel, and Rodrigo Barrenechea. 2016. “Political Incorporation (in Latin America). The Concept, the Variations, and the Cases.” Working Paper ICSO, no. 26.
  • Mahoney James, and Barrenechea Rodrigo. 2017. “The Logic of Counterfactual Analysis in Case‐study Explanation.” The British Journal of Sociology.
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