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Jacob Rothschild

Program Area(s):  Methods; American Politics; Experimental Methods

Dissertation Title:

Elites and Identities: The Interactive Effects of Top-Down Cues and and Group Memberships on Political Attitudes

Dissertation Committee:  James N. Druckman (chair) Reuel R. Rogers Julie Lee Merseth

Research Interests: political behavior; identity politics; political communication; partisanship; race and politics.


  • "Advances and Opportunities in the Study of Political Communication, Foreign Policy, and Public Opinion," with Richard Shafranek, 2017, Political Communication 34(4): 634-643.
  • "Political Protesting, Race, and College Athletics: Why Diversity Among Coaches Matters," with James N. Druckman and Adam J. Howat, Social Science Quarterly, forthcoming.
  • "Gender Policy Feedback: Perceptions of Sex Equity, Title IX, and Political Mobilization Among College Athletes," with James N. Druckman and Elizabeth A. Sharrow, Political Research Quarterly, forthcoming.
  • "Pigeonholing Partisans: Stereotypes of Party Supporters and Partisan Polarization," with Adam J. Howat, Richard M. Shafranek, and Ethan C. Busby, Political Behavior, forthcoming.
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