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Giuseppe Cumella

Program Area(s):  American Politics; Political Theory

Dissertation Title:

"The Conflict of the Faculties and Its Aftermath: Post-Kantian Political Ethics in Hegel, Arendt, and Habermas"

Dissertation Committee:  Richard Kraut, S. Sara Monoson, Mary G. Dietz, J.P.F. Wynne

Research Interests: Greek and Roman Political Thought, Aristotle, Epistemic Democracy, History of Political Thought, Historical Methodology, Democratic Institutions, American Political Development

Dissertation Description:

My dissertation examines Aristotle’s discussion of political science (politikē epistēmē). In particular, I focus on the cognitive development of political science from experience (empeiria) and the role of experience in good judgment (krisis). In offering a comprehensive account of political science in Aristotle’s thought, I propose a new role for political participation in moral education. Moreover, I explore the role of performance in the system of musical education described in Politics VIII and collective judgment in Politics III. Excavating important historical arguments from Aristotle’s texts, my research provides alternative frameworks for understanding the role of political knowledge and practice in democratic institutions.


  • Graduate Affiliate Prize, Alice Kaplan Institute for the Humanities, 2015-2016
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