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Winter 2018 Class Schedule

POLI_SCI 405Linear ModelsHarbridge YongT  10:00am-12:50pm
POLI_SCI 407Experimental Political ScienceDruckmanF  2:00pm-4:50pm
POLI_SCI 414The PresidencyGalvinT  2:00pm-4:50pm
POLI_SCI 460Proseminar in Comparative Politics IIRiedlW  9:00am-11:50am
POLI_SCI 462Early Modern Political ThoughtFarrTh  2:00pm-4:50pm
POLI_SCI 490Special Topics: Race and Political Behavior(RogersW  2:00pm-4:50pm
POLI_SCI 490Special Topics: War and SocietyKrcmariac and Braun co-teachingM  10:00am-12:50pm
POLI_SCI 490Special Topics: Advanced Feminist TheoryDietzT  2:00pm-4:50pm
POLI_SCI 490Special Topics: Machine Learning and Text as DataBouchatW  5:00pm-7:50pm
POLI_SCI 490Special Topics: Political Theories of MembershipStevensTh  9:30am-12:20pm
POLI_SCI 519Responsible Conduct of Research TrainingClippertonTBA 
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