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Fall 2017 Class Schedule

POLI_SCI 403Introduction to Probability and StatisticsClippertonT  9:30am-12:20pm
POLI_SCI 410American Political Institutions and BehaviorMcGrathTh  3:00pm-6:20pm
POLI_SCI 440International Relations TheoryHurdF  1:00pm-3:50pm
POLI_SCI 450Comparative Politics Proseminar 1RobertsW  9:30am-12:20pm
POLI_SCI 490Special Topics: Race and Public PolicyBurchT  1:30pm-4:30pm
POLI_SCI 490Special Topics: Nation-Building and State Formation After WWIISpruytF  9:00am-11:50am
POLI_SCI 495Qualitative MethodsThurstonM  2:00pm-4:50pm
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