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Annual 2017-18 Class Schedule

Course #Course TitleFallWinterSpring
POLI_SCI 101-6 (cap 15)First-Year Seminar: African Politics Through Literature and FilmWilfahrt
First-Year Seminar: Global Environmental PoliticsMarion Suiseeya
First-Year Seminar: The Press and the Political ProcessStuelpnagel
First-Year Seminar: Student Protest: From the 60s to the Present DayRice
First-Year Seminar: Political InequalityThurston
First-Year Seminar: The American Way of WarReno
First-Year Seminar: Democracy in the World - Opportunities and ChallengesRiedl
First-Year Seminar: Religion and Politics at Home and AbroadBeth Hurd
First-Year Seminar: Politics of DebtNelson
First-Year Seminar: The Politics of Undocumented ImmigrantsMerseth
POLI_SCI 201 (cap 65)Introduction to Interpretive Methods in Political Science INili
POLI_SCI 210 (cap 65)Introduction to Empirical Methods in Political ScienceClipperton
POLI_SCI 211 (cap 65)Introduction to Interpretive Methods in Political Science IIan Hurd
POLI_SCI 220 (cap 200 Fall)American Government and PoliticsMcGrath
POLI_SCI 220 (cap 80)American Government and PoliticsThurston
POLI_SCI 221 (cap 50)Urban PoliticsRogers
POLI_SCI 230 (cap 65)Introduction to Law in the Political ArenaBurch
POLI_SCI 240 (cap 115)Introduction to International RelationsLoriaux
POLI_SCI 240 (cap 200 Fall)Introduction to International RelationsSpruyt
POLI_SCI 250 (cap 65 Fall)Introduction to Comparative Politics Seawright
POLI_SCI 301 (cap 40)Classical Political TheoryMonoson
POLI_SCI 302 (cap 60)Subjects, Citizens, Revolutionaries: Early Modern Political ThoughtFarr
POLI_SCI 303 (cap 30)Modernity and Its DiscontentsDietz
POLI_SCI 307 (cap 15)Deportation Law and PoliticsStevens
POLI_SCI 312 (cap 60)Statistical Research MethodsSeawright
POLI_SCI 320 (cap 60)The American PresidencyGalvin
POLI_SCI 323 (cap 65)Public Opinion and Voting BehaviorMerseth
POLI_SCI 329 (cap 65)US Environmental PoliticsSuiseeya
POLI_SCI 332 (cap 60)Constitutional Law IRuffer
POLI_SCI 333 (cap 60)Constitutional Law II: Civil and Political RightsGrisinger
POLI_SCI 334 (cap 20)Latino PoliticsDominguez
POLI_SCI 341 (cap 115)International Political EconomyNelson
POLI_SCI 344 (cap 60)US Foreign PolicyKrcmaric
POLI_SCI 345 (cap 15)National SecurityKaplan, Morgan
POLI_SCI 348 (cap 150)GlobalizationNelson
POLI_SCI 349 (cap 50)International Environmental PoliciesSuiseeya (co list with EPC 390-0-23)
POLI_SCI 351 (cap 115)Politics of the Middle EastPearlman
POLI_SCI 355 (cap 20)Politics of ChinaHurst
POLI_SCI 360 (cap 20) (co list with AFST 390 and IS 390)Contemporary African PoliticsWilfahrt
POLI_SCI 361 (cap 30)Democratic TransitionsTaraktas
POLI_SCI 368 (cap 20)Political Economy of DevelopmentHurst
POLI_SCI 369 (cap 80)Politics of Post-Soviet RussiaGans-Morse
POLI_SCI 373 (cap 30)Chinese Foreign PolicyHurst
POLI_SCI 376 (cap 40)Civil WarsReno
POLI_SCI 377 (cap 115)Drugs and PoliticsArjona
POLI_SCI 380 (cap 30)Refugee Crises and Human RightsRuffer
POLI_SCI 382 (cap 25)Politics of Religious DiversityBeth Hurd
POLI_SCI 383 (cap 15)War and Change in International PoliticsSpruyt
POLI_SCI 388 (cap 60)Institutions and SocietyClipperton (combined with SOCIOL 288-0)
POLI_SCI 390Special Topics in Political Science: Rule of LawStevens
Special Topics in Political Science: Political BehaviorBullock
Special Topics in Political Science: The Press and Presidential ElectionsStuelpnagel
Special Topics in Political Science: International Responses to Mass AtrocitiesKrcmaric
Special Topics in Political Science: Non-State Armed GroupsArjona
Special Topics in Political Science: Critical Studies in World PoliticsLoriaux
Special Topics in Political Science: Refugee Law and PolicyRuffer
Special Topics in Political Science: A Brief History of US GovernmentMoseley Braun
POLI_SCI 390 (cap 115)Special Topics in Political Science: Political PsychologyBullock
POLI_SCI 390 (cap 15)Special Topics in Political Science: Politics of International AidWilfahrt
Special Topics in Political Science: Contemporary Turkish PoliticsKoker, Levent
POLI_SCI 390 (cap 20)Special Topics in Political Science: Racial and Ethnic PoliticsMerseth
POLI_SCI 390 (cap 35)Special Topics in Political Science: Religion and Politics in the State of IsraelJoseph Ringel
POLI_SCI 390 (cap 60)Special Topics in Political Science: Strategy and the Politics of WarRice
POLI_SCI 394 (cap 15)Professional Linkage Program: American Foreign Policy From President JFK to ObamaRielly
POLI_SCI 395 (cap 15)Political Research Seminar: Party PolarizationHarbridge
Political Research Seminar: Fixing the U.S. ConstitutionRoberts
Political Research Seminar: Politics of CorruptionGans-Morse
Political Research Seminar: Democracy, Autocracy, and Disorder: The New Global EnvironmentJoseph
Political Research Seminar: U.S. Party DevelopmentGalvin
Political Research Seminar: The Israeli-Palestinian ConflictPearlman
Political Research Seminar: Civilians in WarArjona
Political Research Seminar: Environmental JusticeSuiseeya
Political Research Seminar: Politics of Social WelfareWilfahrt
Political Research Seminar: Tyranny and ResistanceDietz
Political Research Seminar: Topic TBDDruckman
Political Research Seminar: Immigration Politics and PolicyMerseth
Political Research Seminar: Constitutional Challenges in Comparative PerspectiveRuffer
Political Research Seminar: State, Conflict, and Democracy: Comparative African ExperiencesJoseph (co-list with AFST 390 and IS 390)
Political Research Seminar: Wealth and Power in AmericaPage
POLI_SCI 398-1 (cap 20)Senior Thesis SeminarRoberts
POLI_SCi 398-2Senior Thesis SeminarRoberts
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