Andrew Roberts

Associate Professor
PhD, Princeton University

Professor Roberts's research focuses on three major themes: the quality of democracy - defined as the nature and strength of links between citizens and policymakers - the politics of social policy reforms, and the workings of formal political institutions. Much of his work on these issues looks at the new democracies of Eastern Europe, which he frequently compares to established democracies in Western Europe and North America. He has recently completed a book manuscript, "The Quality of Democracy in Eastern Europe: Public Preferences and Policy Reform," that looks at the issues of electoral accountability, policy responsiveness, and mandate responsiveness in 10 Eastern European countries. He has published several papers on political institutions looking in particular at the workings of coalition government in Eastern Europe, but also at more general institutional choices. Some of his other working papers deal with the reform of social policy in Eastern Europe and elsewhere, concentrating on pension, housing, and healthcare reforms.

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