Rachel Beatty Riedl

Assistant Professor

PhD, Princeton University

Professor Riedl’s research interests include institutional development in new democracies, local governance and decentralization policy, and authoritarian regime legacies.  Her current research explores why democratization in Africa has produced such a varied array of representative institutions and political structures by focusing on the causes of variation in party system institutionalization.  Riedl’s dissertation, entitled Institutions in New Democracies: Variations in African Political Party Systems, was awarded an honorable mention for the Juan Linz prize for best dissertation in comparative democratization from the APSA in 2008.  Before joining the Northwestern faculty she was a Visiting Fellow at the Kellogg Institute for International Studies at the University of Notre Dame and a Post-Doctoral Research Associate at the Princeton Institute for International and Regional Studies.  Riedl recently published Bridging Disciplines, Spanning the Word: Approaches to Inequalities, Institutions, and Identities (Princeton Institute for International and Regional Studies Monograph Series, 2006), which she co-edited with Sada Aksartova and Kirstine Mitchell.


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