Lucy Cane

Program Area(s):  Political Theory; American Politics

Dissertation Title:

Sheldon Wolin and the Fate of Democracy

Dissertation Committee:  Mary Dietz (Chair), James Farr, George Shulman (NYU), Joan Tronto (Minnesota)

Research Interests: Democratic theory; Sheldon Wolin; Hannah Arendt; Critical Race Theory, Feminist Theory

Dissertation Description:

My dissertation examines the political thought of Sheldon Wolin. I both give an account of the impact and ongoing legacy of Wolin's influential early work, and trace the intellectual continuities and shifts in his later formulations of radical democracy. In doing so I critically engage Wolin with other contemporary theories of democracy, as well as with critical race theory, feminist theory, and the canonical thinkers who shape his thought.


  • "Hannah Arendt on the Principles of Political Action” in European Journal of Political Theory 14:1, January 2015.
  • “Arendt on Principles, the Right to Have Rights, and Democracy: Response to Näsström” in Political Theory 43:2, April 2015.
  • "Sheldon Wolin's Politics and Vision" in The Oxford Handbook of Classics in Contemporary Political Theory, Jacob Levy ed., published online October 2016 with print version forthcoming in 2017