Mona Oraby

Program Area(s):  Political Theory; Law and Politics; International Relations

Regional Specialization(s):  Middle East

Dissertation Title:

The Difference That Affiliation Makes: Religious Conversion, Minorities, and the Rule of Law

Dissertation Committee:  Elizabeth Shakman Hurd (Chair), Mary Dietz, Jessica Winegar, Hussein Ali Agrama (University of Chicago)

Interest(s): Comparative law and religion, religion and politics, politics of the Middle East

Dissertation Description:

My dissertation examines the legal administration of religious difference in the modern Middle East. Focusing on postcolonial Egypt, it considers how twentieth century legal secularization displaced communal authority and diffused new forms of religious expertise through the regulatory institutions of the modern state. This study departs from existing scholarship that focuses on the situation of particular religious minorities by analyzing the historical conditions through which minority and majority populations are constituted over time.

Position for academic year 2016-17: Jerome Hall Postdoctoral Fellow at the Center for Law, Society, and Culture at Indiana University Maurer School of Law