Georgia Kernell Assistant Professor

Research Interest(s):  Political Parties; Representation; Campaign Strategies; Policy Outcomes; Voting And Elections; Internal Party Organization; Media; Participation; Consumer Sentiment; Economic Voting; Formal Theory; Quantitative Methods; Experiments

Program Area(s):  Methods; Comparative Politics; American Politics

Regional Specialization(s):  United States; Europe

Department Strength(s):  Feminist and Gender Studies; Experimental Methods; Political Parties; Public Opinion, Political Communication, and Political Participation

Georgia Kernell’s research spans the areas of comparative politics, quantitative and formal methodology, and American politics. She is an expert in understanding how party organizations shape electoral success. Kernell is currently working on several projects that examine the institutions regulating party diversity, the normative implications of party organizations for representation, partisan biases surrounding electoral conduct, and how political information and crises shape consumer sentiment.

Select Publications

Courses taught

  • PS 315 Introduction to Positive Political Theory
  • MMSS 311-2 Comparative Models of Democratic Institutions
  • PS 403 Introduction to Probability and Statistics
  • PS 405 Linear Models