Traci Burch

Assistant Professor
PhD, Harvard University

Traci Burch is Assistant Professor of Political Science at Northwestern University and a Research Professor at the American Bar Foundation.  Her book manuscript, Punishment and Participation: How Criminal Convictions Threaten American Democracy, examines the effects of the criminal justice system on political behavior in low income communities. Burch's dissertation of the same title won the American Political Science Association’s E.E. Schattschneider Award for the best dissertation in American Politics (2009), the William Anderson Award for the best dissertation in the field of state and local politics, federalism, or intergovernmental relations (2008), the American Political Science Association Urban Section Best Dissertation in Urban Politics Award (2008), and Harvard University’s Robert Noxon Toppan Prize for the best dissertation in political science (2007).   Her recent publications appear in Political Behavior, Law and Society Review, and Criminology and Public Policy.