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Annual 2017-18 Class Schedule

Course #Course TitleFallWinterSpring
POLI_SCI 403Introduction to Probability and StatisticsClipperton
POLI_SCI 405Linear ModelsHarbridge Yong
POLI_SCI 407Experimental Political ScienceDruckman
POLI_SCI 410American Political Institutions and BehaviorMcGrath
POLI_SCI 414The PresidencyGalvin
POLI_SCI 440International Relations TheoryHurd
POLI_SCI 450Comparative Politics Proseminar 1Roberts
POLI_SCI 460Proseminar in Comparative Politics IIRiedl
POLI_SCI 462Early Modern Political ThoughtFarr
POLI_SCI 490Special Topics: Race and Public PolicyBurch
Special Topics: Nation-Building and State Formation After WWIISpruyt
Special Topics: Race and Political Behavior(Rogers
Special Topics: War and SocietyKrcmariac and Braun co-teaching
Special Topics: Advanced Feminist TheoryDietz
Special Topics: Machine Learning and Text as DataBouchat
Special Topics: Political Theories of MembershipStevens
Special Topics: Public Opinion and RepresentationBullock
Special Topics: Research DesignArjona
Special Topics: Law & Politics in Authoritarian/Developing CountriesHurst
Special Topics: Global Capitalism and LawNelson
Special Topics: Political Power in the United StatesPage
Special Topics: Global (In)JusticeNili
POLI_SCI 495Qualitative MethodsThurston
POLI_SCI 519Responsible Conduct of Research TrainingClipperton
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