Ph.D. Job Candidates

American Politics

  • Ethan Busby "It's not who you know, it's how you meet: The political effects of interactions with difference." Dissertation Committee: Jamie Druckman (chair), Julie Lee Merseth, Reuel Rogers
  • Sean Diament Dissertation Committee: Daniel Galvin (chair), Anthony Chen, Reuel Rogers, Chloe Thurston
  • Matt Lacombe "Beyond Money: The National Rifle Association and Interest Group Influence." Dissertation Committee: Daniel Galvin (chair), Benjamin Page, Jason Seawright, Anthony S. Chen
  • Sandy Shan Dissertation Committee: Benjamin Page (chair), Daniel Galvin, Chloe Thurston, Laurel Harbridge Yong

Comparative Politics

  • Marco Bocchese "Justice Cooperatives: Explaining state attitudes toward the International Criminal Court." Dissertation Committee: William Reno (chair), Rachel Riedl, Ana Arjona
  • Mariana Borges Dissertation Committee: James Mahoney (chair), Edward Gibson, Wendy Pearlman
  • Valerie Freeland: "Unconventional power: Less powerful states’ strategic use of international norms." Dissertation Committee: William Reno (chair), James Mahoney, Ian Hurd
  • Buddhika Jayamaha: Dissertation Committee: William Reno (chair), Andrew Roberts
  • Sean Lee Dissertation Committee: William Reno (chair), Wendy Pearlman
  • David Peyton Dissertation Committee: William Reno (chair), Jordan Gans-Morse, Hendrik Spruyt

International Relations

  • Joshua Freedman "The Recognition Dilemma in World Politics." Dissertation Committee: Ian Hurd (chair), Karen Alter, Elizabeth Shakman Hurd
  • Sidra Hamidi "The Politics of Nuclearity: Identity Relations in the Global Nuclear Regime." Dissertation Committee: Ian Hurd, James Mahoney, Wendy Pearlman, Sumit Ganguly (Indiana University)
  • Hye-Yun Kang "The Politics of Security as Performance: The Korean War, the McCarthy Era, and Schengen" Dissertation Committee: Michael Loriaux (chair), Marc Crépon (Co-chair), Will Reno, Ian Hurd
  • Katrin Katz Dissertation Committee: Hendrik Spruyt (chair), Wendy Pearlman

Political Theory

  • Javier Burdman "Politics after Totalitarianism: Rethinking Evil, Action, and Judgment in Kant and Post-Kantian Political Thought." Dissertation Committee: Mary G. Dietz (chair), Peter Fenves, Samuel Weber, Lars Toender
  • Lucy Cane "Sheldon Wolin and Democracy: Seeing Through Loss." Dissertation Committee: Mary G. Dietz (chair), James Farr, George Shulman, Joan Tronto
  • Gent Carrabregu: "The Conflict of the Faculties and Its Aftermath: Post-Kantian Political Ethics in Hegel, Arendt, and Habermas." Dissertation Committee: James Farr (chair), Mary G. Dietz, Cristina Lafont, Mark Alznauer
  • Giuseppe Cumella: "Aristotle on Political Activity." Dissertation Committee:  Richard Kraut and S. Sara Monoson (co-chairs), Mary G. Dietz, J.P.F. Wynne
  • Salih Gercek "Democratic Responses to the "Social Question" in the Age of Revolution." Dissertation Committee: Mary G. Dietz (chair), James Farr, Cristina Lafont
  • Joseph Grant 
  • Boris Litvin "Spectators, Crowds, Citizens, Men in General, and You, Madame: Political Theory and the Politics of Audience." Dissertation Committee: Mary G. Dietz (chair), James Farr, Dilip Gaonkar, David Lay Williams
  • Michael Christopher Sardo: "Contested Responsibility: Friedrich Nietzsche and the Politics of Responsibility." Dissertation Committee: Lars Tønder (chair); Jacqueline Stevens, Mark Alznauer, Michael Loriaux