Ph.D. Job Candidates

American Politics

  • Mara Suttmann-Lea: “Convenience at a Cost: The Unintended Consequences of Early Voting.” Dissertation Committee: Daniel Galvin (chair), James Druckman, Traci Burch, James Mahoney

Comparative Politics

  • Zeynep Gozde Erdeniz: "Deeply Divided: Understanding the Polarization over Religion in Public Life in Turkey and Israel". Dissertation CommitteeJames Mahoney (chair), Wendy Pearlman and Hendrik Spruyt
  • Valerie Freeland: "Unconventional power: Less powerful states’ strategic use of international norms". Dissertation CommitteeWilliam Reno (chair), James Mahoney, Ian Hurd
  • Buddhika Jayamaha: Dissertation Committee: William Reno (chair), Andrew Roberts 
  • Moses Khisa: "The Institutional Transformation of Africa's Personalist Regimes". Dissertation CommitteeWilliam Reno (Chair), James Mahoney (Co-Chair), Rachel Riedl, Ato Dnomo
  • Christoph Nguyen: "Feeling Vulnerable? Affect, Appraisal, and Trust in Times of Economic Insecurity". Dissertation Committee:  Jason Seawright (chair), James Mahoney, Martin Behrens
  • Rachel Sweet: "Institutional Choice in Civil War: Rebel Tactics for Managing Political Disorder". Dissertation CommitteeWilliam Reno (Chair),Hendrik Spruyt, James Mahoney, Rachel Riedl, Koen Vlassenroot

International Relations

  • Erin Lockwood: "The Construction of Financial Authority: Authoritative Practices in the OTC Derivatives Market before and after the Crisis."
    Dissertation Committee: Stephen C. Nelson and Ian Hurd (co-chairs), Bruce Carruthers
  • Mona Oraby: "The Difference That Affiliation Makes: Religious Conversion, Minorities, and the Rule of Law." Dissertation Committee: Elizabeth Shakman Hurd (chair), Mary Dietz, Jessica Winegar, and Hussein Ali Agrama
  • Swati Srivastava: "Configurations of Sovereignty: Public-Private Authority Negotiations in World Politics." Dissertation Committee:  Ian Hurd (chair), James Mahoney, Mary Dietz, Bruce Carruthers

Political Theory

  • Gent Carrabregu: "The Conflict of the Faculties and Its Aftermath: Post-Kantian Political Ethics in Hegel, Arendt, and Habermas." Dissertation Committee: James Farr (chair), Mary G. Dietz, Cristina Lafont, Mark Alznauer
  • Giuseppe Cumella: "Politikê: Aristotle on Political Science, Experience, and Judgment." Dissertation Committee:  Richard Kraut, S. Sara Monoson, Mary G. Dietz, J.P.F. Wynne
  • Michael Christopher Sardo: "Contested Responsibility: Friedrich Nietzsche and the Politics of Responsibility." Dissertation Committee: Lars Tønder (Chair); Jacqueline Stevens, Mark Alznauer, Michael Loriaux
  • Anna Terwiel: "Bodies as Weapons? The Body Politics of Hunger Strikes". Dissertation Committee: Bonnie Honig (Chair), Lars Tønder, Penelope Deutscher